Thursday, August 18, 2011

Summer's End

Well, it's mid-August and it's a good time to watch your feeders and take note of the changes that are ahead. The transition from summer to fall is in full swing. Over the next 30 days there should be some pretty drastic changes to the birds you will see. The Orioles and White-winged Doves are about to head south just as the Sharp-shinned Hawks and native sparrows are going to start showing up. As always let us know what you see.

We love hearing your bird stories! Happy birding!


  1. I live in OK, and just yesterday I saw a woodpecker on our pine tree! I thought that was odd, because we usually only see them in the spring time.
    Beautiful photos BTW!

  2. KatieJay - If you really enjoy seeing those woodpeckers be sure to get yourself a Suet Feeder. This year the birds were really hitting the suet hard b/c we had cicadas during nesting which increased the nesting success rates for the insect eating birds. We see Downy, Hairy, Piliated, and Red-bellied on a very regular basis. The illusive Red-headed we only see at the local park... but we LOVE the woodpeckers. SO MUCH FUN!

    Spot ON!