Thursday, February 2, 2012

Waiting for Spring

I know we have not been very diligent about keeping this blog up to date... sometimes I actually believe that I have made a post, just to find out months later that I did not. I guess I formulate them, and even take the pictures, then do not follow though with the posting. Sigh....
This "Winter" has been a bit of a let down. No snow and very little cold weather to speak of. The birds, however, are taking full advantage of the warmer temps - as are the chipmunks - but I digress...

The activity around the feeders has been consistently pleasing for several months. A couple of days ago we counted 15 pair of Cardinals! Of course, this was right around 5pm; what we call "Cardinal Hour". They tend to come to the feeders early and late and not so much during the middle of the day - that is the time for the Goldfinch. Boy are we covered up with these guys - and they are already beginning their molt.

Another thing that we have noticed that seems to be early is the activities of the Carolina wrens. Already they are carrying materials into their favorite nest boxes (gourds at our house).

Ever so patiently we are awaiting the Barred Owls. The squirrels still have possession of the nest box, but it should be any day that these squatters are force-ably evicted.

Thanks for reading... we'll try to keep up a bit better. :)


  1. We had a Carolina wren that never reappeared after a particularly cold January night. So sad.
    Like you, I sometimes write a blog in my head and forget to ever put it into the digital world.

    1. Yes, the realities of living outside and what happens can be hard on human sensibilities sometimes. I have always just felt better knowing that I am being a witness to it. So many people are completely unaware of the world that we have been given, and it's right there, right outside their window.

  2. Use to get tons of birds at my feeder during the winter but this year it has been nothing at my feeders totally agree with you it's been total let down. Nice blog by the way!

    1. Sorry to hear that you have been so unsuccessful with feeding the birds this winter, Wes. I can't figure why that would be though. We have had more activity this year (not more species, but definately more individuals of the common species) than all past years.

      Are you here in middle Tennessee? What types of feeders are you using? What types of seeds or blends? There is really no reason for anybody to be disappointed with their activity. I would like to help to make your experience more positive. The birds bring us such joy, I would like to share it with everyone! :)

  3. From Ontario - last night my shocked Golden Retriever and I saw some Canada Geese flying in formation out over Lake Ontario. So far this year we have only had two days with snow on sidewalks - there is a sprinkle of fat snow flakes falling as I write this... a loud flock of sparrows at my feeder.