Thursday, April 9, 2009

New "Deliveries"

It's always a big ordeal getting a concrete delivery, but 'ya gotta have a good selection of Bird Baths - and boy do we have that right now! So, upon arrival to the Franklin store (the only location that can easily receive a semi truck delivery) we were greeted by 4 huge pallets of Bird Baths. We sorted through them, all the while, commenting on the Killdeer that are SO vocal back behind the store. Upon finishing the split and pricing for the other two stores, we loaded up the stores' vans and started to clean up.

Well, let me tell you, the Killdeer had become so vocal it was clear that there was something wrong. We decided to take a good look around before moving the vans, for fear that there was a chick around. Sure enough, in the downspout splash guard there was a Killdeer chick! Poor little guy, his mom had built her nest on the roof of the shopping center and when he decided to get up and stretch his legs, he must have fallen down the downspout!
Here he is after we moved him to a safer spot. His mom was back in no time and she must have led him to safety.

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