Friday, April 10, 2009

Severe Weather!?!

When the sky started to get dark, Becky and I decided it would be good to get on the web and take a looksee at the radar. Well, the weather folks were saying that bad things were happening elsewhere, and the radar looked pretty bad for us up in the Goodlettsville store as well.

Looking around the store and perusing our options for cover, we came to the conclusion that there just was not a very good place to take cover; so, we hoped that we would be spared cramming into the tiny little space that we chose for our safe spot. I suggested to Becky that she just stand at the window and watch the birds. No, this was not a case of putting our heads in the sand, rather we put our trust in the birds... and they continued to chow down. :) They ate through the little down pours and continued eating right up until the sun came out again (very briefly). As usual, the birds were right! No Severe Weather for us.

Just a helpful hint though... never trust greyhounds to let you know if there will be adverse weather coming your way - - Well, don't trust my greyhounds at least - - they will always try to convince you that you should go home 'cuz the big one is coming! LOL

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