Thursday, April 2, 2009

Time Marches On

Comparing these pics from those in the earlier post, you can easily see how far the molt has continued. The Goldfinch are wasting NO time in getting ready for their nesting season - though they nest quite a bit later than our other common backyard birds.

I was THRILLED to find 2 Morel Mushrooms in the woods today! If anyone has any hints on either finding more, or encouraging a larger patch to develop, PLEASE let me know. I would really enjoy being able to harvest enough off of our land to be able to make a yummy Morel Sauce for Pasta! Here is a pic of one of the little beauties:

Wikipedia lists: "Dryland Fish", "Merkels", "Molly Moocher" and "Hickory Chickens" as the common names for this fungi. Don't you just LOVE common names!?!


  1. My mom always says - and this may be an old wives tale, I'm not sure, but it works for her - that you should never pick ALL of the dry land fish...leave a few and they will re-seed for next year's crop.

  2. So then I wonder - Would it be beneficial to cut them up and sprinkle them about in that area? I understand that they propigate by use of spores but I would think that not every spore leaves the existing fungus.

  3. Not sure about that...maybe you should try a marked area both ways and see which is better.