Sunday, May 3, 2009

Our First Blue Bird Family

This is our first attempt at attracting Blue Birds. Two days after we put up our box, we had our first occupants! My husband and I were bursting with excitement when we saw our first egg laid! If you look close you will see that there are 6 Blue Bird eggs!

This is a picture of day 2 for the Blue Bird hatchlings.

Here is an updated picture of the little guys... this is day 7. More pictures to come soon! We are happy to report that our Blue Bird parents are very dutiful, and both can be seen feeding the chicks.


  1. Such a busy yard! I am loving your blog.

  2. I'm trying to attract birds to my yard. I have a pair of cardinals and a lot of small birds that i dont know what they are. And my hummingbirds came back this year so i guess i'm doing something right. Any way i love your pics.

  3. One of the fun things about birds is that they do not care if you know who they are. All they care about is if you are putting out the type of birdseed that they like in a feeder that they can get into. Just always make sure that you keep all your foods fresh - especially Nyjer and Hummingbird Nectar (4:1 water:sugar solution - no coloring please). You will have a good variety of birds in no time :)