Saturday, May 9, 2009

Update on "Our First Bluebird Family" by Roberta

This is Day 10, there are still 6 chicks! Our Bluebird parents are still doing a great job. My husband and I enjoy observing how the female will fly off out of sight and search for food for her babies, and the male will demonstrate typical male laziness and just hop down from the birdhouse to the dried mealworm feeder we have for them, and then proceed to give those to the chicks! It always makes us laugh :)

I just LOVE this picture! They are so darling, and I was shocked when this little guy turned around and looked at me! It was the coolest experience! Thank you SO much Pam and Kent for our awesome Bluebird house! This picture was taken on Day 12, hopefully when they start coming out of the box soon, I'll have my camera handy & snap some great shots.

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