Sunday, May 31, 2009

Things I Have Never Seen Before.

When a "Birder" sees a new bird that they have never seen before, they write it on their "Life List." Listing is VERY popular with the Birding crowd. It is not uncommon for a die hard birder to have Day Lists, Location Lists, Life Lists... lists lists lists :) Well, I am not big on writing stuff down - well, I guess, until now. Anyway, Kent and I wanted to take the dogs for a good walk this morning, so we shot up to the White House Greenway. This is a wonderful greenway, not tooooo popular, nice and wide, good bridges, creekside, nicely paved, and VERY importantly, pretty well shaded.

I had not anticipated that I would find any fodder for this blogging enterprise, but expect things when you least expect it. I did see three things that I have never seen before - So, add these to my Life List. LOL!!

We generally carry a phone with us when we walk, just in case there is an emergency, so that is what I had to use to take these pictures - please excuse the poor quality.

I am sure that most of you have seen this before, but for me it was a first... Baby Donkey. He was very cute hanging out with his momma.

Then we saw this VERY weird bug. I will have to check one of my insect field guides for this one. It was easily four inches long and pretty quick moving. The dogs were curious, but I was not likely to let them sniff. It's abdomen looked like it had pincers, as did its' head. Strange to the "n"th degree. Anyone able to keep me from looking this one up? Know what it is?

Then finally, there was this wonderful patch of literally thousands of little mushrooms. They were growing under a huge Tulip Poplar. There was no way to capture the immensity of the patch - it was one of those things that you just have to remember.


  1. Isn’t nature a wonder! It looks like a Dobsonfly. According to Wikipedia, Dobsonflies are also known as "the king bug" because of their intimidating mandibles used exclusively during mating, but don’t harm humans.
    Great blog.

  2. Thank you so much for the ID on the scary bug! That is indeed what it is. If anyone is interested in learning more on this bug see:

    OOOHHHHH! I am glad that I did not allow any sniffing of the bug --- "[Dobson Flys] possess an irritating, foul-smelling anal spray as a last-ditch defense." I would hate for the puppers to get all anal stinky!!! "P" "U"


  3. Don't know what the shrooms are called, but they look alot like the ones that come up each year under the large semi-dead tree in front of the Nashville store. I always figured it was because that tree was damaged (i.e. fungus at the roots?), but am not sure.